Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Counselling and brokerage services for the sale of undertakings and real properties

Services associated with the purchase, sale, appraisal and pricing of immovable properties are meant for enterprises and specialised undertakings active in the building and real estate development sectors, large owners and institutional investors. Agriconsulting Immobiliare can propose diversified selling solutions and methodologies tailored to the specific characteristics of the immovable properties involved in each transaction. In its activities, the company benefits from the contribution of the Group companies to offer the following services:

  • search, analysis and, if need be, drafting of the necessary documentation designed for regulatory compliance as well as technical and environmental due diligence analyses;
  • holding and real-property evaluation and analysis;
  • qualified financial consultancy;

marketing strategies, legal support and asset management.

English (United Kingdom)